Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Low Session : Tax Brevet A/B

At the beginning, i am very happy as auditor to get a new experience. Why? because i realized the meaning of low session and high session. High Session means we must overwork to achive goal that setting by manager. From November to May is a high session for me in my office. After that we got the low session, Oww...it is very bored for me. Can you imagine? We attended office without no project. We are only absent at 8.30 and go home at 17.30. No Project, No supervision and No No No...it is about No. Just sit, read, talking to other people, or surfing in the website especially account Facebook. This situation is already walking for one week. Imagine?

For That reason, I think that i must have some activies. "I Must Busy, Busy and Busy" i talked deeply inside my heart. What Activies? I Choose follow my friend to get a Tax Brevet and English Course. It is highly remarkable. Because from that reason i got a new experince and knowledge.

First Class that i attended the tax class. The Lecture ask "Why all of you in This Room?", i think and guess all of studend in that class should answer with this "is it a question ?". But from all answer that we try response to this question. The Lecture seems unhappy. Why? Because all of the answer are all about the Weakness of Tax Study such as Gayus Tambunan, Tax Consultant in Surabaya , etc. Many motivation seem as a curruptor. "So Why you in this Room?" said the lecture who is Komar. Why all of you think tax as a Bad Name?. But the fact does not seems like that. I Know and believe many good tax officer. This brevet used to teach us a good way in learn tax, not reverse. "We learn a good tax in a goow way, so someday it will become a goodness for you and other people, Not Reverse"

It is very motivational presentation from his. I kept it in my heart, so someday i learn tax, i can use it to help other people.

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