Monday, July 12, 2010

Eleven Fingers!

Last Day, I was watched a man who use his eleven fingers to write an articles. It's very fast, he can write 175 word per minutes. Amazing...I am inspirated to learn use my eleven finger. It's very skillfull.
First, i google it with keyword "Mengetik 10 Jari". The results are 1.190.000 articles. But I did not open all, just find good articles and read it.
The picture above shows us to use fingers in keyboard. Can You get it?

Second, "Practice makes perfect", After i have read it, i have to practice it. For example :

1. asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; (20x)

2. qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop (30x)

3. zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ (40x)

4. The quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog (50 X)

5. typewriter quick stewardess helicopter brown polycarbonate jump (20x)

6. He he he he he he he he (1x)

After you done this example, you can use TypeRacer. Why? Because it is a website for play a game in writing. This is very usefull website when you bored. Many online people use this website.

You can open it at :

Keep Going, Keep Going until you got your goal.

Monday, July 05, 2010

The BaTDriver

Inspired by The BatMan "A Night Superhero" so i called him "The BatDriver". The BatDriver is a taxidriver who did not have boarding house. He has been living in the taxi car for more than one year.

Last night, i have watched a new film in the cinema and discussed with all my friends. We discussed all of things that happen in our life and joked each other...(ha..ha...i'm just imagine it)

Until 3 clock in night, we want to go home. All of them have vehicle such car and motorcycle. And me? the only one did not have a vehicle. So i have to call taxi.

In the taxi, i and the driver whom his name's Budi were discussed about Working in the night. I am very shocked about the story of BatDriver in Jakarta. In the fact, many of them forced to live in the taxi because financial distress.

In one day, they have to pay rental taxi bill to their bos. Sometimes they are loss. Because of that, They save money to their family in the village. the way to save money is living in the taxi car.

If they want to sleep, take a rest or take a bath, they go to hotels. All of their uniform are ready in the car. hard we have to pay for a good life?

And you know, with all of the situation happen to his life, Budi is accepted it with a grateful heart. He have a dream that want to a normal life, a normal job, and near from his family. "Amin" i said to him.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Radical Honesty

Radical Honesty means is a technique and self-improvement program developed by Dr. Brad Blanton. The program asserts that lying is the primary source of modern human stress, and that practitioners will become happier by being more honest, even about painful or taboo subjects. Blanton claims this form of honesty can help all human relationships since it "creates an intimacy not possible if you are hiding something for the sake of someone's feelings (Wikipedia).

Just remembering, i used this program at Wednesday, 30th June 2010. But just for one days, i am very interesting about this program, because i want to know the impact of Radical Honesty in my life.
I started from myself, To honest that i am just an ordinary man. I don't have superb voice or playing musical instrument to get womans. But, i realized everypeople who have their passion dan mission in life. For that reason,i had been accepted His bless to me with a grateful heart.
After that, i must tell the truth to everyone which related in that day. I have to force myself even it's very painful.
My parents, two years ago when i had not graduated from my university, i only played a game to spending my time. My parent was very angry with my attitute. But i did not care about that. Somedays, my parents told me to repair my sister's computer. They was gived me money to do it. But in that time, i was a bad. I used it to playing a game.
But, in 30th June 2010, i was told the truth too them. They are very happy. So do I.

One of my friends. she is the sweetest one. I knew her since i was studying in campus. She is wise, patient, and can fully accepted me. Until Now, I can not express my emotion to her. I did not have fully courage to express it until last days. because I am very fear to lose something from her. I sent her a message. And inside my heart, i said that all things will happen, i do not care about the responses. I JUST want to EXPRESS IT even the response is very pailful.

Actually Now, I am very happy because The Radical Honest relieved me. BRAVO...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Low Session : Tax Brevet A/B

At the beginning, i am very happy as auditor to get a new experience. Why? because i realized the meaning of low session and high session. High Session means we must overwork to achive goal that setting by manager. From November to May is a high session for me in my office. After that we got the low session, is very bored for me. Can you imagine? We attended office without no project. We are only absent at 8.30 and go home at 17.30. No Project, No supervision and No No is about No. Just sit, read, talking to other people, or surfing in the website especially account Facebook. This situation is already walking for one week. Imagine?

For That reason, I think that i must have some activies. "I Must Busy, Busy and Busy" i talked deeply inside my heart. What Activies? I Choose follow my friend to get a Tax Brevet and English Course. It is highly remarkable. Because from that reason i got a new experince and knowledge.

First Class that i attended the tax class. The Lecture ask "Why all of you in This Room?", i think and guess all of studend in that class should answer with this "is it a question ?". But from all answer that we try response to this question. The Lecture seems unhappy. Why? Because all of the answer are all about the Weakness of Tax Study such as Gayus Tambunan, Tax Consultant in Surabaya , etc. Many motivation seem as a curruptor. "So Why you in this Room?" said the lecture who is Komar. Why all of you think tax as a Bad Name?. But the fact does not seems like that. I Know and believe many good tax officer. This brevet used to teach us a good way in learn tax, not reverse. "We learn a good tax in a goow way, so someday it will become a goodness for you and other people, Not Reverse"

It is very motivational presentation from his. I kept it in my heart, so someday i learn tax, i can use it to help other people.

English English English

No No No, I am not writing about English's Team in World Cup. Here, i want to share my vision about learning English. Why? Because in the future, Speaking, Writing or Listening in English is should be able. For me, English is must because most of my clients which mining companys using english as a second language.
Most of their labour are expatriate. So for Indonesian labour is should be able to speak english well. Aghh i am very ashamed for this. For this reason, i try hardly to start the process learning english in this blog...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Prayer

Dear God,

Thanks God for everthing you give to me for this day,
Thanks God for this job that i can learn anything especially generally accepted accounting principle
Thanks God for a lot of friends, a lot of cheers, a lot of happiness, and a huge of caring each other.
Thanks God for your love to me
Thanks God for keep my mind, my body and my soul.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BCA vs Bank Mandiri

Kedapatan Tugas membuat Economic Value Added(EVA) khususnya menghitung EVA dari Bank Central Asia dan Bank Mandiri. Sembari membaca dan memikirkan rumusan EVA, saya melihat suatu hal yang menarik dari laporan keuangan kedua bank terbesar di Indonesia ini. Hal yang menarik itu adalah mengenai perlakuan terhadap Sumber Daya Manusia yang ada di masing-masing bank. Bila kita melihat Laporan Keuangan BCA dan Bank Mandiri untuk 31 Desember 2009 maka akan terlihat profil karyawan berdasarkan tingkat pendidikan. Walaupun jumlah karyawan di kedua bank tersebut tidak saya, namun dapat kita ambil persentase profil karyawannya.
Untuk Bank Mandiri, 73% karyawannya merupakan lulusan Sarjana(S-1), 20% karyawannya merupakan lulusan SMA sederajat, dan sisanya lulusan pascasarjana.
Bandingkan dengan Bank Central Asia, 61% karyawannya merupakan lulusan Sarjana(S-1),35% merupakan lulusan SMA sederajat, dan sisanya lulusan pascasarjana.
Dari profil tingkat pendidikan karyawan dapat kita lihat bahwa Bank Mandiri selangkah di depan. Selanjutnya mari kita bandingkan dengan Biaya Training yang di keluarkan oleh masing-masing Bank.
Untuk Bank Mandiri biaya training per 1 orang yaitu sebesar Rp. 9.024.095 sementara untuk Bank Central Asia Rp. 6.165.815. Jika dibandingkan maka sebagai seorang karyawan saya akan memilih di Bank Mandiri.
Selain data-data dari laporan Keuangan tersebut, saya sendiri mempunyai pengalaman mengikuti test masuk untuk kedua bank ini. Saya mengakui metode yang di lakukan bank Mandiri cukup aktif dibandingkan dengan Bank Central Asia. Bank Mandiri sangat intens mencari sumber-sumber daya terbaik untuk setiap universitas melalui job expo/career expo dan bekerjasama dengan organisasi-organisasi di kampus yang berhubungan dengan career. Dibandingkan Bank Central Asia yang sebagian besar menerima pendaftaran pegawai baru dengan jalur online. Saya juga mengetahui bahwa BCA memiliki sekolah sendiri untuk penerimaan karyawan barunya, sehingga tidak terlalu gencar mencari lulusan universitas terbaik.
Bagi saya pribadi, menemukan jalur career dimana saja sama baiknya apabila kita bekerja sesuai dengan passion kita masing-masing. Namun, perusahaan yang mendukung dan memprioritaskan perkembangan sumber daya manusia pasti jadi pilihan lebih utama. Disini saya sekadar menggunakan analisis sederhana, mudah-mudahan berguna dalam melihat, memikirkan dan memilih mana yang terbaik.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sekedar iseng-iseng buat foto jadi lebih "Hidup. Cobain buka, banyak effect foto yang lumayan bagus-bagus sekedar untuk hiburan.Thanks.

Simple Note!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Aku Bisa

Kadang ku takut dan gugup
Dan ku merasa oh-oh tak sanggup
Melihat tantangan di sekitarku
Aku merasa tak mampu
Namun ku tak mau menyerah
Aku tak ingin berputus asa
Dengan gagah berani aku melangkah
Dan berkata aku bisa…

Aku bisa… aku pasti bisa…
Ku harus terus berusaha
Bila ku gagal itu tak mengapa
Setidaknya ku tlah mencoba
Aku bisa… aku pasti bisa…
Ku tak mau berputus asa
Kucoba terus coba
sampai ku bisa

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dangerous Bank Century

Just My First Paper About Bank Century. If you want data about Bank Century, you can e-mail me at


After The first BC case (Bibit-Chandra) ending and now the second BC case (Bank Century) is at the end of the beginning. There are dangerous parallels between the two BC cases. The Bank Century case is at the end of the beginning, an issue which lay dormant for a year until the political landscape changed. Bank Century fell because of fraud perpetrated by its owners and accomplices who bled its treasury to death. The government has dealt with this part of the crisis by prosecuting the criminals, recovering the stolen money and taking control of the bank. The choice was then whether to let Bank Century disappear or to salvage the remains.
At the height of the economic crisis in November 2008, the Indonesian treasury faced a dilemma. If they let Bank Century fold, the domino effect could threaten to lead other financial institutions into bankruptcy and trigger a market crisis of confidenc. Hank Paulson who was then US Treasury Secretary faced the same dilemma and chose to let Lehman Brothers fall. That was followed by a deluge of financial failures which left the US economy reeling, sending an urgent message to the rest of the world. Neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia immediately imposed a blanket guarantee on their banks. Indonesian businessmen implored our government to do the same, but the cost would be prohibitive. Instead, Indonesia chose to rescue banks that are deemed to pose systemic risk on the banking system. Bank Century was brought to the Committee for Stabilization of the Financial Sector (KSSK) which decreed a takeover, entrusting it to the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS.
After research this case, founded that indications of violations of the rules and abuse of authority in this case as refer to Audit Report Investigative Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPK). So, in this paper, we will explain detailed about the Bank Century from start to process bail out with the audit approach.

Key : Bank Century, Independent Auditor’s Report

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"White Vampire"

300-an ml darah segar hilang sudah langsung di seruput ama Si "Vampire" berbaju putih. Gila!! Orang Normalnya sekali mendonorkan darahnya cuma 200-250 ml tapi kali ini beda. Gak terasa ngobrol ngalur ngidul ama si "Vampire" berbaju putih. darah gw ngalir terus kekantung darah. Sampai-sampai dia nanya "kalau 350 ml mau ngak?". Buset dalam hati gw, biasanya aja gw cuma 250 ml sekali ng-donorin darah. Langsung gw tanya, "Emang sekarang sudah berapa mbak? jawabnya "Sudah 300-an ml Pak". Gw jawab aja santai, "Cukup Mbak Vampire". Eh dia malah cengir-cengir, gak tau apa kalau badan gw uda lemas, jantung berdegup kencang tidak karuan, mata kunang-kunang kae ada burung gagak muter2x diatas kepala, kepala pusing tujuh keliling, hilang konsentrasi, kehilangan keseimbangan ujung-ujungnya mati mendadak kena serangan jantung eh salah kena serangan yang lain...lo?ha ha ha.

Just Intermezzo!