Monday, July 05, 2010

The BaTDriver

Inspired by The BatMan "A Night Superhero" so i called him "The BatDriver". The BatDriver is a taxidriver who did not have boarding house. He has been living in the taxi car for more than one year.

Last night, i have watched a new film in the cinema and discussed with all my friends. We discussed all of things that happen in our life and joked each other...(ha..ha...i'm just imagine it)

Until 3 clock in night, we want to go home. All of them have vehicle such car and motorcycle. And me? the only one did not have a vehicle. So i have to call taxi.

In the taxi, i and the driver whom his name's Budi were discussed about Working in the night. I am very shocked about the story of BatDriver in Jakarta. In the fact, many of them forced to live in the taxi because financial distress.

In one day, they have to pay rental taxi bill to their bos. Sometimes they are loss. Because of that, They save money to their family in the village. the way to save money is living in the taxi car.

If they want to sleep, take a rest or take a bath, they go to hotels. All of their uniform are ready in the car. hard we have to pay for a good life?

And you know, with all of the situation happen to his life, Budi is accepted it with a grateful heart. He have a dream that want to a normal life, a normal job, and near from his family. "Amin" i said to him.

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